What A Wonderful World


Howdy and welcome to my blog. I’m sharing this odd collection of short articles with you for free. You’re welcome! I hope my quirky stories entertain you, even slightly. You’ll find a little humor, a lot of sarcasm, a touch of seriousness and many bucket loads of total hogwash. Enjoy!

Politics. Just hearing the word makes me squeamish. Excuse me while I go puke. Seriously, I just have two questions. How is it that our senators and congresspersons get to vote to raise their own salaries? And secondly, why don’t I ever get jobs like that? It’s ridiculous, it’s corrupt, and it’s just getting worse. […]


For those who think that former President Trump is a saint and President Biden is the devil, and for those who think Biden is a saint and Trump is the devil, I have news for you. Neither are either, and neither are both. They are politicians. They both do some stupid stuff and somehow manage […]