A Good Day to Live

Twelve-year-old best friends, Danny, Will and Trout, know how to squeeze every drop of adventure out of the Lost Bay. Whether it’s fishing for alligator gars, hunting fictitious snipe, or finding Spanish treasure in Pirate’s Canyon, their Tom Sawyer-esque tale is a journey back to the days when kids roamed free and somehow still survived.

The boy’s idyllic world and friendships are pushed to the limit by forces they never figure out: pre-teen girls, rich country-club brats and killer hurricanes. Ultimately, they (and we) learn whether or not true friendship can be discovered on the Lost Bay.

A Good Day to Live mixes homespun humor with an honest bead of sweat into guaranteed smiles, tears and simple reminders of right over wrong.

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Press Trip

2005  |  Genre: Dramedy  |  Word Count: 38,245  |  Publisher: TBD  |  Format: Electronic version only

What happens when burned out reporter, Jack Crevalle, lands in the Cayman Islands with a bunch of misfit journalists doing a story on a fancy new resort? Well, they get thrown into some nasty weather, a Cuban coup attempt and a local voodoo freak’s sinister plot. This sardonically hilarious tale is part Fletch, a dash of Stripes, a twist of The Island of Dr. Mereaux and heaping helping of National Lampoon’s Vacation. Join Crevalle and his goofy, self-serving fellow journalists as they fight to survive a hairpin turn around every corner. Read it chapter by chapter, webisode by webisode, here on Fred’s Head.

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thecureThe Cure

2004  |  Genre: Thriller  |  Word Count: 89,121  |  Publisher: Elton-Wolfe  |  Format: Paper Back

Scientist Ridge Hails is focused on one thing: finding a cure for the common cold. After a decade of trying, Hails finally hits pay dirt. But fame and fortune slip from his grasp when his formula is stolen, his lab is torched, his career is wrecked and his life is in danger. Follow Dr. Hails from his New Orleans lab to Holland to New Jersey as he fights to regain his life and his cure. The rapid-fire thriller finally culminates in Belize when all of the players congregate for a final showdown as gripping as the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

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