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Press Trip


Jack Crevalle was an award-winning reporter for the LA Times until a major story blew his mind. After his expose was published about a police officer whose goal was to eradicate the city of gangs, the cop and his family are murdered in their home. The tragedy twists Jack’s brain until he lands in Oakbrook Meadows asylum.

A year later and barely recovered, Jack squeaks by as an apathetic freelance writer doing cheesy press releases. His sanity balances on a mixture of heavy prescription drugs, plenty of booze and as much rich food as he can afford. Finally, a sympathetic editor sends him on a press junket to the Cayman Islands where he joins a bizarre assortment of photographers and reporters. Their quirky personalities and misadventures keep Jack entertained until all hell breaks loose. First, a class-five hurricane hits. Then, Cuban troops invade the tiny island nation. Finally, a band of ex-Russians military brass stir the broth.

Jack and his crew of journalists find themselves prisoners of war, held by a rag tag group of Cubans led by Vlad Darkin, former Russian officer turned extortionist. Darkin claims to have planted some aging Russian nukes in various tourist resorts and threatens to detonate them unless his ransom demands are met. Using Jack’s extensive supply of drugs and some misdirection, he and Jane Savage, a celebrated journalist from the New Yorker, hatch a plan to end the Cuban/Cayman revolution and make a few million bucks for themselves along the way.


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