Dutch Oven



During the early 1980s, a strong dollar and low car prices in Europe spawned a “gray market” industry in which Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and other exotic cars could be purchased and shipped to the U.S. for a fraction of what those luxury cars cost in the USA. 

In this travel thriller, author Fred Garth takes us on a first-person thrill ride into this questionably legal car business (thus, the “gray” moniker). As a mid-20s, naive American surrounded by used car dealers and scammers, Garth pockets plenty of traveling money but also gets ripped off, comes perilously close to death, and has the adventure of a lifetime. This is the story of those harrowing years from 1982–1985, when the gray market exploded then imploded into nothingness. Some events may have been embellished.

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