After 10 years of trying, young research scientist, Ridge Hails, developed a foolproof cure for the common cold. But not for long. Within a few hours of his discovery his New Orleans laboratory gets torched, his research is stolen and his personal life is sent into a nosedive. Talented but naïve to the cold-blooded world of money triumphs over ethics, Ridge falls victim to Sheldon Timmons, ruthless CEO of pharmaceutical giant Chemtrex and a man who will do anything to please his stockholders.

Anything includes hacking into Ridge’s computer system, absconding with his life’s work, destroying his reputation and, finally, erasing Ridge from the planet. To save his life and possibly reconstruct his formula, Ridge hops a freighter to Amsterdam to link up with his mentor Dr. Han Visser. He arrives to find Visser missing. But the good doctor had suspected foul play and left instructions with his mistress, Anna, who assists Ridge from Visser’s satellite office – in her flat. Eventually Timmons’s henchmen sniff out Ridge’s trail just as he is developing a greenhouse growing operation in Holland’s farm country. Once again, he bolts to save his skin.

On the run again and out of luck, Ridge ships out to Belize to hide and work with Dr. Santiago Chebat, a Belizean aristocrat and colleague from years past. The rich soil and tropical climate are the perfect blend for growing Ridge’s soon-to-be famous hybrid, the Green Flash pepper, which contains a grafted DNA and essential ingredient for his cure. The story culminates when Timmons and his partners in crime descend upon Belize in hopes of ending their long chase once and for all. Ridge shows his tenacity and fights back with his greatest weapon – his creative, scientific gray matter.

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    Charles Sutherland

    The Cure

    I really loved the story and the non stop action. I really did feel like I was watching a movie and I think The Cure would be an excellent streaming show. I’m recommending this book to my book club.

    December 8, 2023

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